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Soldiers and Sailors
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Soldiers & Sailors is the largest memorial building in the United States dedicated solely to America's fighting personnel, representing all branches of service while honoring both the career and citizen soldier.

The Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) conceived Soldiers & Sailors during the 1890s. It was originally built to recognize the sacrifice, valor and patriotism of the Civil War Veterans of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. Today it honors the men and women of Pennsylvania who served the United States in its military endeavors during our country's history.

The mission of Soldiers & Sailors is to preserve a lasting tribute to those men and women who unselfishly gave of themselves in serving their country during American wars.

The American wars and the efforts of the people who fought them profoundly affected the lives of countless individuals both military and civilian. It is the vision of Soldiers & Sailors to promote the understanding and appreciation of the accomplishments and sacrifice of the service men and women and their community. Soldiers & Sailors creates a greater public awareness of the significance and holdings of the Memorial through public relations, community activism and educational outreach programs.

This torch, passed to us by those who came before us and created this memorial, is ours to uphold. Soldiers & Sailors will remain a symbol for this great experiment in democracy.

4141 5th Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

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